Tonight, my puppy did not pee on the floor at puppy class.

She can sit, lie down, stand, and sometimes, she will stay.

A week ago Mandy and I got a puppy. A 10 week old border collie something mix. We are not sure what else she is, but she is cute. She is also an unstoppable fountain of energy.

We thought we knew how much of a time commitment we were in for. We researched, we talked to friends, we spend a lot of time thinking about it. We had no idea how much of a time commitment we were in for. You just can’t know until you do it yourself.

Walking, playing, training, feeding, socializing, and puppy class. Reading about walking, playing, training, feeding, socializing, and puppy class. Worrying about if you are doing walking, playing, training, feeding, socializing, and puppy class correctly.

On our fourth night with the puppy, she was licking Mandy’s face, and nipped. We were at the ER getting stitches in Mandy’s lip until 2:30am. It is a mental and physical workout that tries patience and shows your mettle.

Today she is a 15 lb puppy that trips on her feet. In a year, she is going to be hurtling along trails, chasing bears, and starting campfires on demand.

You know what? I love it. It gets me out of my head, and gets me to focus on what is important. It also moves me towards a more active lifestyle.

Tonight, my puppy did not pee on the floor at puppy class. Victory.

Camp Grounded – Summer Camp for Adults

Let me introduce you to my latest project. I am working with The Digital Detox to bring you:

Camp Grounded

Where grown-ups go to unplug, getaway and be kids again. 200 lucky campers will take over this nostalgic 1970’s boy scouts camp to celebrate what it means to be alive.

Trade in your computer, cell phone, Instagrams, clocks, schedules and work-jargon for an off-the-grid weekend of pure unadulterated fun; yoga, hiking, archery, bonfires, marshmallows, capture the flag, creative workshops, stargazing, talent show and more.

Together we’ll create a community where money is worth little… and individuality, self expression, friendship, freedom and memories are valued most.

Tech Free

I left Couchsurfing to spend more time away from the computer. This camp helps others to do the same thing. The Friday and Monday that the campers take off from work is 3712 hours that people are collectively NOT using a computer. Much better to be learning new skills in the redwoods.

The rules

  • No phones
  • No work talk
  • No asking anyone their age
  • Use nicknames (Protects privacy)
  • Have fun
  • Connect with nature

Want to join us? Only a few tickets left.

Camp Grounded


I have long been a coffee aficionado. I abhor the weak cup of coffee that gets brewed in the office coffee pot. Like a chef trying to perfect a recipe, I researched what makes coffee taste the way it does, and how to replicate it.

I discovered that there are some insane people who who will spend thousands of dollars to make sure that their cup is perfect. I am not one of those people.

Enter the AreoPress. A $25 inverse french press that packs up for travel, makes an amazing cup every time, and is easy to use. It allows me to make small adjustments each time so that I can hone in on my favorite taste. There are annual AreoPress coffee competitions, and it has a dedicated following. Using a product that has a tribe behind it means that any question you have can be answered quickly, and by someone who is happy to help. There are few products out there like that – and when you find one that is useful, jump behind it!

Xshot Tripod iPhone case

The Xshot tripod mount iPhone case allows you to attach your iPhone to any tripod in portrait or landscape.

I use it for timelapse videos, self portrait shots, group shots (with me in them!) and more. I have dropped my phone many times, and it has always protected it. The company will even send you more adapter pieces so you can leave them on your tripods if you have more than two.

It comes with a mini tripod that can cling on to poles, rocks, and other surfaces with its bendy legs and rubber feet.

Arduino Pill Box

Jeff and I built an Arduino pill dispenser for Galia’s dog. It gives out a pill at 7am and 7pm every day, with a Pavlovian tone to train the dog. Check out the build timelapse below.

Leatherman Skeletool

This is a Leatherman that is worth carrying around. With pliers, a serrated knife, a bottle opener, and interchangeable screwdriver heads it is useful everyday. It is the lightest Leatherman, and I no longer notice it in my pocket. From opening boxes, to fixing everyday objects (loose knobs, leaky faucet, etc) I buy them in 3 packs so that when I misplace one, I never have to go without.

I also got the bit expansion pack which gave me many other screwdriver heads and an extension, but find that I never use it – the large and small phillips and flat head that come with it are great. Get it here.

Display Set for Digital Detox

Digital Detox needed a display booth for their Unplug SF event, and for the Launch conference.
Made from reclaimed pallets, and scrap wood. Signage hand painted, and flyers laser print transfered.

Dixital Detox
Dixital Detox
Dixital Detox
Dixital Detox