1200 miles up the coast and back


I have just returned from a trip up to UVA in Charlottesville, VA to see my brother. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend much time with him, but the trip was a lot of fun. I saw friends from all over, and stopped in Elon, Greensboro, Richmond, and UVA. We went to the Foxfield races where I was to take some photos to sell back here, but ended up having some severe camera problems coupled with the monsoons I left behind in Asia finally catching up with me. Most of the stories from the trip are good only for those involved, so I will leave them out, but I have to say the I-85 from Atlanta to Richmond is the most boring road I have ever had the privilege of driving on more than 20 times. I can probably recount every billboard along the route.

On the flip side, I have become a master of mobile tasking, taking care of a variety pack of tasks on the way home. I had a roadside phone interview with Mandie from Couchsurfing about the possibility of working with them in Alaska this summer, sent in a resume and letter to Paula at REI to see about teaching and guiding with their Outdoor School and REI Adventures program, and I managed to get someone to come pick up our old trampoline by posting it on Craigslist. All from a Blackberry.

NOTE: Posting free things on Craigslist is dangerous to your inbox. 40 emails in under 30 min.

My question is do you give it to the first person who contacts you, as I had previously thought, or do you give it to the person with the most need, like the family of two blind parents who have four children and will pay me to deliver it? I gave it to the first person who could confirm a pick up date as I was not about to go deliver a trampoline to someone else when the whole point was to effortlessly get rid of it. Plus I don’t really have a car that can carry it right now, so that would have been impossible anyway.