I have long been a coffee aficionado. I abhor the weak cup of coffee that gets brewed in the office coffee pot. Like a chef trying to perfect a recipe, I researched what makes coffee taste the way it does, and how to replicate it.

I discovered that there are some insane people who who will spend thousands of dollars to make sure that their cup is perfect. I am not one of those people.

Enter the AreoPress. A $25 inverse french press that packs up for travel, makes an amazing cup every time, and is easy to use. It allows me to make small adjustments each time so that I can hone in on my favorite taste. There are annual AreoPress coffee competitions, and it has a dedicated following. Using a product that has a tribe behind it means that any question you have can be answered quickly, and by someone who is happy to help. There are few products out there like that – and when you find one that is useful, jump behind it!