Australia – Day 04,05

It occurs to me that these posts are inaccurately named. I have actually been in Australia since August 9th. However, I was working the first week and have only started traveling around the country in a camper for these days. 

IMG 5985

Day 4

We spent the day catching up and doing some work. It was good to have a place to sit and focus in on some things that needed doing. Mandy (Hanna) and I are in the middle of purchasing some land up near Nevada City, and we are getting to the end of that process. We needed to settle up some final issues before moving forward, and we did successfully. 

Mandie (Kilotat) had a call in the afternoon and I sat out on the porch reading a book and enjoying the view. 

We took a long walk on the beach before grabbing sushi near her house. She went to a dance class, and I had a long catch up with Casey Fenton on the current project he is working on. 

Day 5

Be a tourist in Byron Bay Day! Byron Bay is a tropical paradise on the coast — and it has the highest concentration of body workers, healers and coaches (professional, career, life) in Australia. Mandie is a coach, and knows a lot of people in the industry, so naturally I had to get a massage from one of them while I was here.

We woke up, and headed to the local farmers market for some veggies and cheese, then I unicycled to the next town over for a massage with one of Mandie’s friends that she had set up for me. Mandie went to get a massage as well at a different place. She picked me up after, and we went back for some food and to change before going for a hike.

We hiked up to the lighthouse and got to see some whales off in the distance while we were looking over the bluffs. The trail back down was through the jungle, and was very fun. Afterwords we headed to a tea tree lake to scope it out since she had never been. The lake is rimmed with Tea Trees, and the oil leaks out into the water making it a dark brown. It supposedly has medicinal qualities, but we didn’t go swimming.

IMG 5987

To round off the day, we went to the next shire over and took a soak in the hot tubs and plunge baths of Kiva spa. Quite an end to the day. We stopped of at the local fish market, then Mandie cooked us salmon and sweet potato chips and we called it an early night.