Up I-85

After getting back from the west coast, I got extremely antsy and tired of being home, so I took off last Thursday and made my way up the coast. On Thursday night I hit UGA and hung out with Brittany and Brooke, two friends from high school. We met up with some of their friends form UGA and went out downtown to a few different places, none of which I remember the name. One made espresso beer however.

On Friday morning I woke up, got some lunch, and kept heading north on I-85 up to Charlotte to see some friends from college and a buddy from high school. We went to one of their condos in downtown Charlotte, and hung out there for a while. (Note: While there, Grey chased Jason around with a knife, Jason had a wet suit on, his fake tooth out, and at one point had a revolver strapped to his hip.) Kyle, Trawick, Scott and I went out to Tilt and waited for one of their friends who apparently could get free drinks, but this never happened, so we left. We then went to Ri Ra’s where we hung out on the porch and ran into way too many Elon people who I never wanted to see again in my life. (If you are offended by this comment, then it wasn’t you I never wanted to see again. It was someone else.) Couple rounds of shots later and we headed to what Trawick deems the “Lighthouse of Charlotte.” Dixie’s Tavern it was. Way too expensive though, and not enough fun to make it worth it. On the upside, we ran into a few former ZTA’s who we ended up with back at their pool until 5am. All in all, a good night.

Saturday came around and I went further up I-85 to Richmond, where I met up with Kerley, Everett, Deflaun, Alice and T-Cobb (and her sister). Saw Kerley’s house for the first time, and then Alice and T-Cobb’s new apartment. Pregame, then out to the bar. We hit up the Metro Grill and had a blast. It was the first time I had seen them since they went to Europe. The night ended with a 4am push-up contest.

On Sunday i just headed to UVA, about an hour away and met up with my brother. We got dinner, saw a movie, and crashed early becaus ehe had class on Monday and i had to drive all the way back to Atlanta. I stopped in Greensboro and ate lunch with the guys at Bluezoom, (and Anne!) and caught up with them. It seemed to just be me talking about Burning Man, but whatever.

Now I am just working on the deck that I am building on the back of our house, and getting ready to go to Auburn on Friday to see Chris and Sara.

Jesus these posts are boring now… I need to get back on the road…