Beached for a while

Ahh… Beach Life. So relaxing. I apologize if the recent posts are full of uninteresting filler text. I really have not been doing much here execpt for climbing, eating and relaxing. I woke up this morning, ate breakfast from the supplies I bought in Ao Nang (the mainland) and read. I read all day. I finished Call of the Wild and White fang, then went down and got lunch, swapped my book out, and brought it all back to my porch and ate and read more. I think I cleared about 350 pages in a few hours. I started reading “The Beach” which was made into a movie with Leonardo Decaprio, but the book is much better, and very different. Interestingly enough, it takes place not far from here, just a few islands down, and is a popular Thailand backpacker read.

I banged my knee up pretty good the other day, and it still feels weak, but good enough to climb again, and I am meeting some people at 11:30 tomorrow morning to climb again.

Really not much to report. Sorry guys, but my life and travels just got put on cruise control. I am definitely going to stay here for quite some time.
Um… a Monkey.

Night Fall