Fire Octopus from hell (and couchsurfing with Yong)

Checked out of the hostel today after I packed my stuff up and gave out my information to the people I had met there. I had mixed feelings about leaving because I was having a great time, and had made some friends. I did not need to worry. On the way to meet up with Yong, I stumbled across Smoothie kingmy greatest weakness and instantly succumbed. Smoothie King! In Korea! I met met up with Yong to Couch Surf in Seoul, and he took me out with his friends. He is an incredibly nice guy, and while it was a little awkward at first, we sat in a park and just talked for a while. Then we dropped my bag off in left luggage, and went to meet up with his friends. We went and ate what they said was the hottest octopus (but not actually octopus – the cousin of octopus… whatever. It was freaking octopus) IMAGE_245 in Korea. I really almost died. So did Yong. It was suckers and tentacles in Dave’s Insanity Sauce. I was sweating, my eyes were dripping, my nose was running, my heart was racing and I got dizzy. But I had to show them I could stand it, so I kept eating. My only saving grace was that Yong was reacting the same way. His friend has taste buds of steel and he was grinning watching us eat. Then we went to a international film festival, but it was too cold so we headed back to his aunt and uncle’s place where we are staying.

In Korea you live with your family until you are married, since Yong is not married, he lives with is family. At his house, there is not so much room, but his cousin is studying in Alabama, so we are staying in her room. I am amazed at the hospitality that I have been shown here, and I am greatfull.

UPDATE: Just got some emails, and tomorrow I have an interview at 1:00 pm, and I have been told to call a woman for another interview either tomorrow as well, or Wednesday before I leave. Hopefully they both go well and I end up with a job teaching English! As much as I don’t want a job, it will be kind of nice to have a little bit of a plan. The Winter camp (end of Dec to mid Jan) will be a good intro to teaching English, and It will allow me to live free for a month as food and living are provided, and pay me almost $3000 to travel with some more. I can make that last 4-5 months in Southeast Asia.

More later,