End of day 3

Posted by mobile phone:
Day 3: After lunch at the seafood place there was a great deal of flat land and a strong headwind. We usually average a little above 15 mph but with the wind we were fighting to keep it above 10. We got to Monterey around 5:30 pm and took some time to look around. We went out to the end of the warf, took some pictures and cruised around. Jason needed some black and white film, so we found a camera store downtown that ended up being the nicest camera store I have seen in a while. They had a room full of rangefinders… At over $2500 a pop. We also made it down to the Rolex Antique Auto Race Show which had a hundred or so amazing cars. Matt I took some pictures, prepare to drool. At this point we were lost, but we met a guy who led us part of the way and pointed us the rest of the way to the Monterey Veterans Memorial Park, the only campground in town. We decided that a 70 mile ride tomorrow that would make us fly past Big Sur and Carmel wasn’t worth it, so we are possibly forsaking Mexico (according to the bums, it isn’t that nice of a place anyway…) to enjoy more of California.

Jason: West coast bums are cooler than east coast bums. They don’t beg, they just talk with you, offer advice, and carry on happy as can be. One guy even related our trip to a Bob Dylan song…in strange bummy way of course. Anyway, sea lions are loud but funny to watch, Monterey is awesome, and tomorrow will be one of the best stretches of the trip–Big Sur. For now it is bedtime, goodnight.