Four Days and Counting

I have four days remaining in the USA for what could possibly be the next year and a half. That is an incredibly scary, exciting notion. On one hand, I know that I can come home if I want to, but that would be simply going back to what I have always known, and I know that it isn’t enough for me. I find enough to do, but it is not what I enjoy. Maybe I end up in Asia, and find that it does not fit me at all, and that I am drowning in culture overload combined with lack of planning (which was purposeful). If so, there is nothing keeping me from up and heading to Europe, spending more time in India, or going to Australia. There is no feeling quite like that of knowing you can head anywhere you want to at the least substantial whim.

There are so many people I want to see before I head out, but I just don’t have time. If you are in the southeast, a bunch of us are going camping this weekend, and we would love you to come. I am not sure the best way to contact me while I am gone, but email will always works, and I have Skype, username: ben0602.