Gear Update

Thought I would go ahead and give a report on how things are holding up again. It has been about three months, and some things have worn out a little, others I have lost etc…

So far I have lost: 1 pair of cotton boxers, my travel pillow, my quick dry towel. Not so bad.

What has worn out: My pair of REI quick dry pants are a disappointment. I have had to cut the zipper off of the cargo pocket in order to use it, because it locked shut. Also, the inner lining of my bag has started to come apart, but I found a place here that will fix bags, and I am going to try to get them to sew it back together.

Every thing else is holding up pretty well, my shoes were so dirty that I washed them yesterday and they turned all the water brown but they look like new now.

This is a really random entry, and not planned because I am just killing time. I am pretty done with everything this town has to offer, and am just waiting on an email from a guy in Vientiane to see if he is in town and I can crash at his place there.

Side Note: Just ran into a couple who run the Leconte Lodge in the Smoky Mountains. Pretty random coincidence, but if I get lost on the AT I have a place to crash.

Also, I have been in contact with Casey, my old suite mate from freshman year, and he is planning to through hike the AT, something I am very interested in doing… So more about that in the near future.