Google Buzz – The Basics

Google just released a new feature for Social Media, called Buzz. You don’t need to hear about it from me. If you use Gmail, you will get it in your inbox shortly.

Buzz - - Gmail_1265824210550

Buzz aggregates content from several sites, including Twitter, FLickr, Picassa, and Google Reader. Google already has a base of 35 million Gmail users to roll this out to, which means that they can jump Twitter (18 million users) overnight.

Buzz also allows you to update your own statuses, comment on friends status, and “like” their updates. The key move here is that when you agree to start using Buzz, it automatically follows the people you email the most. New Buzz’s find their way to the Buzz tab (below your inbox) and to your inbox. The fact that buzzes were cluttering up my inbox was annoying, so I created a new filter to make them skip this to eradicate the double notification.

To do so, go to Settings> Filters > Create a new filter > and put Buzz: in the Subject field.

Inbox (20) - - Gmail_1265824791898

Click Next Step and check: Skip the Inbox. Then click Create Filter. Your done!