Gore tex is coming out with some fancy new clothing soon. They finally figured out how to line their products without making it feel like you are opening a candy bar in class but trying to keep it quite. (I always feel like my jacket is made of paper or something.) From Gizmodo:

Gore-Tex’s most capable shell materials have always had to be stand alone, making them a little bit like wearing a crinkly sheet or garbage bag (without the sweat build up, of course). They’re taking their 3 layer shells and bonding them to interesting inner liner materials in an extension of their “comfort mapping” tech. So, if the chest and back need insulated, they can attach a piece of fleece there; or padded armor on elbows and shoulders; or antimicrobial liners on armpits. The sub brand isn’t new, but before, comfort mapping involved sewing, opening up the potential for unsightly seams and water leakage. Now they heat press the new layers in, so that there are no extra punctures in the outer layers, and things like pockets can be sewn now into the inner materials without causing punctures, either.

From Gizmodo