Have you become a Digital Dependant?

When you depend on something so entirely that your life would be drastically different without it, do you tend to ignore the fact you depend on it? Take fuel as an example. It wasn’t until the recent (in terms of years) gas price increase that the average Joe realized how dependant he was on a thing he had no control over.

Technology is one of those things for me. The Internet, Computers, GPS, Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, all of these devices and applications have become so integral to my life, lifestyle, earnings and communication methods that I have completely pushed the fact the I depend on them for survival out of my mind.

How often you think about the fact you are using a relativity new technology to accomplish everyday tasks? Fellow blogger Laura McNamara of Giramonda.com and I have put together a list of questions to help stimulate your (and our) brains.

Please don’t answer them all, but if you feel like some of them are pertinent to your life, please comment on them. At the very least, consider how much digital technology has transformed your life… and what that could mean. Full list below the jump.


What is your profession?

How long do you spend on a computer a week?

How do you check your email?

How do you contact others?

How do you manage your finances?

How do you track your productivity?

How do you keep on top of tasks?

How do you get your news?

How do you find doctors/dentists/etc in your area?

If you’re single, how do you look for potential dates?

If you’re married, how do you find information on marriage?

How do you buy hard to find items?

How do you buy electronics?

How do you buy books?

How do you stay in touch with friends?

How do you find new music?

How do you navigate your way around this world?

How do you get movies?

What type of phone service do you use?

How do you meet new people?

How do you find events/activities scheduled in your area?

How do you book travel reservations?

How do you book rental car reservations?

How do you book lodging reservations?

How do you purchase tickets for an event?

How do you find events/activities/attractions in destinations your traveling to?

How do you look up the meaning of words, look up antonyms and synonyms?

How do you conduct most of your research?

How do you translate excerpts written in a language other than your mother tongue?

How do you explore/learn about new topics?

How do you price shop?

How do you keep up with current affairs?

How do you find directions?

How do you look up phone numbers?

How do you look up addresses?

How do you spend your free time?

How do others contact you?

What are your pastimes/hobbies?

Where do you find reviews for products you’re interested in purchasing?