Hello again

I know that I have gotten rather lazy with my blogging, but I do have a reasonably good explanation. My schedule of late has been: I wake up at 8:00am, meet Emily, Thad, Dustin, and Jarred (the guys I am going to Laos with) for breakfast to decide where to climb, and we try to be on the rocks by 9:30am. We climb till 4:00 or 5:00pm and eat lunch at the wall, then come back and get a few beers while we watch the sunset on the beach before we go get dinner and talk about climbing that day. We usually meet up with some other people at sunset or dinner, and after showering, we end up hanging out with them at night. The nights are generally pretty fun and we enjoy them, then wake up and do it all over again. Very little time for plugging in and uploading pictures and whatnot. I have still been taking them and will update the pictures soon.

I just switched places to room with Thad, thus cutting my cost per night down to 75 baht, or about $2.50. Cool.

We are going deep water soloing tomorrow, which means we charter a fishing or long tail boat and a kayak, and go out to rocks that overhang the ocean. We take the kayak in from the boat to under the wall, and free climb the rocks. I think you can get ridiculously high before you jump off the rock into the ocean. Something like 50 meters if you are retarded. I think 15-20 meters (45-60 feet) sounds like it is my upper limit. I will try to get video, but no promises.

We keep postponing our trip to Laos because we are finally starting to get into the climbing groove. We can climb a bunch of routes all day and we are stronger and in better shape than we were before, and the skills are honing in and becoming usable. We are now thinking we will be here for a few more days before going right to Laos, and skipping the northern part of Thailand. This is fine with me as they will be leaving around December 4th, and I don’t fly out of Bangkok until 18th to teach English in South Korea, so I can see more around Laos, and then see the rest of Thailand when I fly back in early January.

Back to climbing…

Spider in front of my place

Friend in the bathroom

Right before my shave