Welcome to the land of “I’m the tallest person here”

Welcome to Seoul Took that with the cell phone on the way in. I am so happy to finally be here. It took just over 24 hours of total travel time for me to arrive at the door of my gracious hosts. Seoul is massive. The third largest city in the world, and it seems like it. Wikipedia info on: Seoul

Tonight, Nathan had to leave almost immediately after I arrived, but Rachel took me to their favorite restaurant, and we ate Dalk Kalbi, which is a noodle, chicken, and fire spice mix. I did not bring my camera out with me, but will do so tomorrow, because the street we went to was incredible. I have never seen so much neon.

On the way over here I ended up getting a seat on the exit row next to a guy named Michael, who was coming over here to do translation work for the Air Force. (I didn’t find out he was in the Air Force until we were in line for customs.) He went over my Korean phrase book with me and helped me get a basic understanding of the language. I am able to slowly start to phonetically pronounce words now, even if I have no idea what they mean.

Here is a look at a very small part of downtown Seoul. Wait till you see what I have to upload tomorrow.