It has been a while

Sorry for not posting anything relevant for the past few days. I have been staying with Rob and Pear, his roommate, and their dog, Pebbles. Pear is Thai, and the manager of several restaurants right in downtown Vientiane, and she knows everyone, so we have been going out a lot and meeting people. She is an excellent cook, and I have found myself getting every meal cooked for me, and it has been amazing.

We went out the other night with some of her friends to a Lao club, and I have to say – I hate Lao music. It is horribly, miserably annoying. Imagine a love affair between Britney Spears, the soundtrack to the Matrix, and  Nelly.

Today we are doing a barbeque at there place, and they have invited over some other English speakers, and the group that went out to the club with us. Should be fun!

I still have 10 days or so on my visa, and I only need three or four to see everything else I want, so I am planning on leaving here on Tuesday.