Jailbroken App marketplace and Customer Service

I jailbreak my iPhone religiously. I love what it allows me to do, and now that there is a legitimate marketplace for jailbroken apps (yes, these do now cost money) there are services that manage them – and they have CUSTOMER SERVICE!

One of these is Rock Your Phone (www.rockyourphone.com). Several months ago i purchased an app that lets me tether my phone, recently i upgraded to the new iOS4 for my phone, and had to upgrade the apps i had purchased. Unfortunately this meant that I lost the old jailbroken apps I had paid for, but Rock Your Phone remembers these apps.  When i tried to reinstall these, i no longer saw the list of my old apps.

I contacted Rock Your Phone’s customer service with an email, and hours later they replied, letting me know I had logged in with the wrong account (my gmail vs my benhanna.com address) and that they had combined the accounts for me so I could get al my apps back!

I wouldn’t expect that from apple, much less a jailbroken app store!

Kudos Rock Your Phone, you just became a legitimate company in my eyes.