Monkeys monkeys everywhere.

Monkeys monkeys everywhere. I went climbing with three guys from Arizona today. They had hardware, I had the rope, so me met up. We climbed for a while, and it was pretty fun. I led the climb, using their quick draws, and top roped it out. We climbed for a while, got tired, and decided to eat lunch and go bouldering. The cave we went do was right on the side of a dirt track, hidden up a little hill. We were in for a while, then heard a mass amount of squealing out side the entrance. A group of monkeys were fighting, and one got injured pretty bad. His leg was sliced open and he couldn’t use it anymore.

These two ran off, and a monkey train came by us. At least 30 monkeys, including many babies, came by in the trees, on the ground, and in the power wires that we were currently even with. Many stopped to look at us, as if to question how we managed to walk on two legs and why we were so pink and fleshy. For having never seen a monkey in the wild before, I am adjusting pretty quickly. Simple rules: Showing your teeth pisses them off. Acting aggressive pisses them off. Getting too close to their babies pisses them off. A pissed off monkey will attack. Do not piss off the monkeys. I left a container of orange juice outside the entrance to the cave, and a monkey swept down and pulled into the trees where he proceeded to shred it into little bits and leave it hanging by a branch.

P.S. The guys I climbed with took some pictures of me climbing, so I will post them when I get them off their camera.