On to the Land


Blurry Cam! The stream flows through the lot.

Mandy and I recently purchased seven wooded acres with a stream in the Sierra Foothills. It is four minutes outside the town of Nevada City, in Nevada county, California.

I have spent a week up on it so far in our camper which now lives there. Since it has solar power, we have not needed to run power to the property yet, but we do have city water hooked up to a hose spigot. Using this I set up a propane hot water shower so we can have a little creature comforts.

Out plan is to get a septic system installed, then build a 30 foot yurt on a platform as our initial home there. Eventually we will design and build a house that overlooks the creek, but for now, this is a good option to get something up there quickly. Pacific Yurts are high quality, and offer a surprising amount of space and comfort.  A quick search of yurt living will show several examples of how comfortable they can be. We plan on keeping it up as a guest house once the final house is complete, but there is a chance we enjoy it so much we just keep it as our main place.

We want to clear two acres of the property to make a meadow / garden so that we have more light, and the ability to grow some of our own food. This is something I am becoming more interested in, although my patience for gardening in the past has been slim.

This is an exciting new time for us, and we will be spending much more of our time up there. If you want to join us ever, just let us know!