Out of Seoul

I left Seoul yesterday morning after saying goodbye to Nathan and Rachel. It was a little daunting to be starting out on my own with almost no understanding of the language, but so far I have managed to do alright. I made my way to Cheonchun, which is a town that is surrounded by lakes. No pictures from here as I did not get in until night had already fallen, and I was exhausted. I walked down the street, found a motel, and relaxed for a little while. It felt really good to have a room to myself after couch surfing the past two nights. There is just something about being able to throw your stuff everywhere and be messy. I was starving so I went to the E-mart, which is like Wal-mart on crack. It was three stories, with sample vendors all over the place and people at the end of every isle making sure things stayed orderly. By orderly i mean that the second I pulled a pack of assorted cereals off of the shelf, a tiny woman ran full speed towards me and jumped as high as she could to grab a replacement box from the top shelf.

I slept pretty well, but woke up at 4am because my internal clock is still messed up. I called home with skype, but the connection was bad so I just got to say hello to my dad before it went out. This morning I got up and went back to the bus terminal and caught a bus to Sokcho. I am heading to the Seoraksan National Park to do some hiking. There should be a good amount of pictures from this, so check back. Right now I am in a PC Bong, which is a darkend room full of computers that asians use to play video games on for hours at end.

More hopefully tonight once i check into the youth hostel.