PayPerPost Service

A while ago I discovered an online service that allowed me to make some more money off of my blog. It is sponsored by “The Consumer Generated Advertising Network™”, which I think is a great idea, and is called payperpost . I didn’t get around to using it for quite some time because I was busy, but I recently took another look at it and delved deeper. This service is incredible. Advertisers and marketers put topics up in a queue for bloggers to write about, and they attach a price point to each post. Sometimes it is product reviews, other times discussions on specific topics. Regardless of what the post is about, I get paid each time I successfully finish one. Because the service is based on your ranking and how well the blog is doing, there are different prices for each blogger, but a site with a decent amount of hits can do pretty well. Currently I have about 2,600 visits to the blog each month, which is not a shabby number.

This idea has the potential to bring in a decent amount of extra cash that will help fund my travels nicely. For those of you who are reading this, and have your own blog, I highly suggest you head over to their site and sign up. I mean, I got $20 for this post alone!