Quick update for Bangkok

Update: Travel map page has been added with the path I took in South Korea. 

Spent the day looking around the very close area to my hostel. There is so much going on that I didn’t make it far before street vendors offering to make me suits, take me to far away lands for cheap, of offer me a cheap beer stopped me. I would look, say no and wander on my way. I got a new cell phone number (via SIM card) here, and all my incoming calls are free. It costs me 5 baht a minute to call the states. Not so bad, and no contract. Granted, I am still paying AT&T for a service I am no longer using. The number to dial from the US is: 0066870038920, from Thailand: 0870038920. Give me a ring, although I don’t often keep the phone on.

Bangkok is a little much, so I booked a trip on a night bus, which is 12 hours long, to the beach town of Krabi for tomorrow night. The town itself has supposedly become too much of a tourist destination, and I will be heading a little further away to rock climb on Rai Lai beach, and Ton Sai. The prices jump high at the start of December, so I will be making my way back up the country and into Vietnam or Laos to exit my visa, and see another country before I head back to South Korea to teach English for 10 days. I still have to find a cheap ticket, but I am working on that.

Current plans (I know, plans right? sounds odd.) are t teach in Korea, go see the DMZ, and then fly back to some other country. So much for my overland adventure! That will have to start when I get back… Heh.

More later,

P.S. Sorry about the lack of pictures, I don’t really feel safe bringing my camera out with me.