Return To The Real World | a flurry of activity

My entry back to the United States has been anything but slow. Upon arrival, I was so wiped out from the plane flight that I was barely coherent on Friday. Saturday found me cheering on the Elon Lacrosse team (who went on to win the tournament) and enjoying the company of friends I had not seen in quite some time. Sunday was a little slower, mostly spent flying kites at a friends house and catching up on old times.

Since I have returned I have joined a gym, put feelers out for jobs, been interviewed for the Dunwoody paper (which was a first, and much more relaxed than I thought it was going to be), and have put in some good freelance time. I have several web sites to finish in the coming days and more stories to write. I am currently working on a test revision of an Atlanta guide book, doing repairs on the house, meeting with more people I haven’t seen in a long time, and heading up to North Carolina to see the people at Bluezoom Sensory Marketing, who I have only seen once since I left there in August. Follow this with a photoshoot at the Foxfield Races in Charlottesville, VA and I have a busy weekend.

Speaking of photos, I will publish the winner of the Photo Book contest tonight, so check back to see who gets it. It could be you!