Staying with Robert

Robert is the guy I met in Bangkok a month ago, and we hit it off. He lives in Vientiane, and we met up last night. He has an extra room in his house, so I moved my stuff over there and will stay for about two nights.

The total rent for his house, which has three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a family room, a dining area, a fridge and a laundry machine is $200 USD a month. It is about the size of my house in at Elon. Crazy. 1/10th the cost. Water bill is $1, gas $1, electricity $10, trash $2, yard guy $10. He has offered me the room if I want it… and his roomate, Pear, has some jobs with adversitign and graphic design agencies that she has mentioned to me. Tempting, but I think I will continue to put time into making the NPO work.