Sunday Barbeque

I have felt extremely useless here since I arrived, because Pear has taken care of absolutely everything. We had a cook out on Sunday, where they invited some of their friends over for lunch / dinner and we grilled pork ribs, chicken and beef kabobs.

I was looking forward to helping because it has been forever since I grilled out, but no luck. We went to the market with Pear early in the morning to pick out the meat, and after walking past vendor after vender offering fresh cut meat, Pear stopped at one place, shooed Rob and I on, and proceeded to buy everything.

Her friend Pocky came over with the grill, and they began to get it all set up. Again, I tried to help, and was told to sit down, read a book, or drink a beer. I complied.

When everything was ready, Rob and I were allowed outside to enjoy the food. Owen (an Australian I had met a few nights before) and Cam (another Aussie) showed up a little later, and we grubbed out for a few hours.

Afterwards, Pear and Pocky cleaned up, but I was able to force a little bit of help on them (mostly shuttling dishes from outside to the kitchen…) before we all sat down for drinks and conversation. It was a great Sunday afternoon, and I am lucky to have found this group of people.

girls making food
Pear and Pocky making the food

me and owen rob
Owen and Me – and Rob enjoying the garlic bread (with homemade garlic butter)