Ton Sai

I promise I will post photos tomorrow! I just found a place that has internet for 1 baht a minute from 3-6, so I can now afford to blog. I have spent a few days on this peninsula, but everyone calls it an island because you can only get here by boat and there are no cars, just trails, mountains, water, and food. It is incredibly peaceful, and I can see my next few weeks slipping away quickly as I alternate between climbing, SCUBA diving, laying on the beach, eating spicy Thai curry, and meeting the new people that arrive. Some people have been here for months, others weeks, but I made it in just before the busy season, so I met some of the people who come here every year and got to hang out with them.

I locked in my 200 baht a night rate, which is great, but I have to pay for two weeks up front to keep it. Guess I am here for at least two weeks. I went ahead and bought some climbing shoes, and am buying a rope off a woman who is leaving soon.

If you have ever seen the picture that hung behind my desk through out college, the one of the woman jumping off the wooden longtail boat into crystal clear water, that is literally where I am. I have some great shots of longtail boats and mountains and whatnot. This morning I was woken up by a monkey on the roof of my hut, and the goat that is out back. They played a tag team off each other and were obnoxiously loud, but it was OK, because i was woken up by monkeys and a goat.

I will write a proper blog post soon, with pictures of this place as soon as I can charge my laptop and get them off my camera.