Vientiane part duex

We (Thad and I) are back in Vientiane, and this time we are doing it right. We got a Tuk Tuk to take us around all day to the major sites, and took a bunch of photos. I have only put three of four of them up here, the rest can be found on the photos, or photo albums pages. Laos has a very strong French presence, and the “s” at the end of “Laos” is silent, and was added by… the French! In the city, the streets are called ‘Rue de…” and many of the Lao people speak french. We are pretty worn out from the day, but are planning on getting a good night’s sleep tonight, then heading for Bangkok tomorrow. I still have to work my South Korean visa out, and he has to do some shopping before he goes home.Today was Lao National Day (much like the 4th of July) so most stores were closed, but we did see some fun festivities, and a soccer game or two. We tried to stop off at the Lao Beer Company (L.B.C.) factory, but it was closed, so we will do it tomorrow on our way out. L.B.C. is one of the biggest companies in the country, and you see their flags and banner and signs absolutely everywhere.

On a side note, I am heading back to Bangkok, so if anyone wants a perpetual motion Rolex for under $40, let me know… They are the genuine, real, original fakes. Best quality fakes I have seen anywhere.

Seriously… it was going to eat me.

lao soccer
Just for you Laura… Soccer game by the Mekong River on Lao National Day

Just a cool shot

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