Your best cup: The Aeropress Coffee Press

I recently purchased the the Aeropress Coffee press on Amazon for $25.

I love it!

I had read good reviews and watch several videos of it in action, and decided I wanted a better cup of coffee. 


Let’s just say my coffee consumption has gone up… a lot. Before, I was making coffee with a french press, but I would put off cleaning it because it was a pain, and I always had a lot of sediment at the bottom of my glass, which was ok, but not a great taste. 


The  Aeropress leaves no sediment, and only takes 15 – 20 seconds to make an excellent cup, and cleans up almost instantly. 

It lets me carefully tweak my brew using scientific method to make it exactly how I like it. If you are looking for a better cup of coffee, I suggest you try it out.